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What is Mind the Gap?
"Mind the Gap" is a new language learning app created by the German label science-to-touch. The app intentionally links two genres: word game and language learning app. On the one hand it is a puzzle type word game similar to popular word guessing games. The main difference: Missing words are to be guessed from their authentic context. The app offers hints, and can be played without time pressure or in an arcade mode. On the other hand the app is designed to improve the users comprehension ability and the competence to construct popular and authentic english language patterns. The app is based on a collection of over 500 hand-selected texts coming from different areas such as science, sports, art, music, literature and many more. The texts cover trivia and interesting facts from many different areas of human culture, life and science. The main task is to fill in missing parts of words and to reconstruct the original text by this. The percentage of destroyed words varies from 30% in the entry levels to 90% in advanced levels. Mind the Gap hereby enforces an idiomatic language use as it tackles almost all potential trouble zones of language learning from grammar to vocabulary.

Who we are
Mind the Gap is a father-daughter-co-coproduction with the aim to mediate a natural and idiomatic feel for language.

Jürgen-Richter Gebert is a professor of Geometry and Visualisation at the Technical University Munich. He is the author of several award winning software projects. Since 2012 he is actively writing iOS apps.

Angela-Sophia Gebert is a student of English and Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.

We bring together a passion for language, sytematic teaching and smart realisations.